середа, 30 січня 2013 р.

My 30's cinema experience

Hi there everyone!

Its really busy time right now and lots of work, but I know the result worth it :) Keep calm and carry on!

Want to show you few more 30's cinema photos we made during our wonderful filming experience.
These pictures take me back to fascinating days, full of vintage inspiration and delight.

Photos taken by Andriy Pavlyuk.

Tap time!

Three of us and our dresses

Gentleman and the ladies

That is how the process looks

Me and my great dance partner Adam

неділя, 20 січня 2013 р.

Retro November

I'm so happy it's Sunday today! I have enough time to do what I like & want: clothes decoration, bloggin', listening to relaxing music and some housework, which I also love doing. Few years ago I've noticed interesting thing. If you're feeling unhappy, mixed-up, embarrassed, depressive, the best way to get rid of this is house cleaning. Monotonous sweeping and moping put your thoughts in order. Believe me, it works! Tidying up your place, you will kill two birds with one stone: clean house and clear mind. Isn't it great? Try it.

Today I want to share with you beautiful November 2010 retro film set, taken by talented Andriy Yermak.

I'm wearing:
- vintage wool skirt, bought in Herrang, Sweden
- lovely cardigan with white laces, Primark, UK
- black belt with golden leaves, Primark, UK
- old shoes, bought in Prague, Czech Republic


The last one is my favorite. Which one do you love the most? Please let me know in comments.
And have a great weekend, everyone! :-)

четвер, 17 січня 2013 р.

Boppin' Bunnies - space invasion

photo - Alex Kravchenko

Bonjour! Here we are - sweet ladies called Boppin' Bunnies. Four years ago we spontaneously decided to make dance number special for New Year party in our local rockabilly community ukrabilly.com. We created dance routine, sewed dresses, made the show. It was resounding success! Since that time we have great new year dance tradition.

In December 2012 we made show called Devil women from Outer Space.

неділя, 13 січня 2013 р.

Winter, snow and Marilyn Monroe

This year we have unusually snowy winter. There is a loads of snow everywhere, and it keeps falling.And while adults have problems with road cleaning and traffic jams, children are happy. There is an great opportunity to snowball. I'm planning to it soon too :)

Vintage inspiration photos - beautiful Marilyn Monroe enjoys snow and winter

пʼятниця, 11 січня 2013 р.

How to stay pretty baby when its really cold outside - tights stockings socks

Hello ladies, it's time to continue my winter outfit posts. Hope my previous posts about winter vintage shoes and vintage head wear were interesting and useful for you. Actually, all what I'm writing about is not a secret, I'm just trying to put it all together in one place. Things to try and remember. Tips and secrets that will help you to look gorgeous even when it's freaking cold outside. Today we will talk about tight, stockings and socks. This stuff is not really could be vintage itself, but it can be great complement to your other vintage look garments. Let's start!

You know it is very important to keep your legs warm, especially in cold seasons and frosty windy days. Tights are indispensable part of winter wardrobe. When you chose warm pair of  tights, make sure it's made from natural materials. Since it is natural, it will provide normal air circulation. Layer of air between skin and tights/pants/trousers retains the natural heat of your body. That's why it's better to avoid wearing too tight jeans or leggings during cold winter days.

Nowadays there is a large range tights and you could find them in different colors, patterns and material. I pay very big attention to fabric and prefer to buy tights with wool and cotton. I know it works even in very frosty days.

I've made my selection of good looking warm winter tights.

Lace tights

wonderful black wool lace tights

white lace tights

neat and lovely pattern

Sweater tights 

with various patterns: deer, snowflakes, Scandinavian tracery

Wool stockings
white wool stockings

fabulous red&white knitted stockings

great grey knitted stockings

beautiful stockings Topshop unique

and these lovely deer stockings


And don't forget about socks! Colorful, stripped, with snowmen and polka dots - whatever you like. Just make sure they are good enough to keep your precious legs warm. Stay beautiful!

вівторок, 8 січня 2013 р.

понеділок, 7 січня 2013 р.

Today's outfit

Today I spent really great time with my friend Olga eating delicious food and talking about everything what can girls talk about! 7th January is official holiday in Ukraine due to Orthodox Christmas.
Outside is -6, my choice for this weather was warm wool sweater and wool skirt.

And few more snapshots just for fun

Happy new 2013 year!

Hooray! Welcome to 2013 everyone! This time we decided to break the rules and spend a very special New Year's eve. Our New Year party was calm and cozy: two of us and tasty food and lovely Christmas music. Two days in advance I've thrifted this lovely Christmas table cloth! There is no information where it comes from, but I guess it could be one of Scandinavian countries (look at that shoes!) My friend Tanya brought me ginger man cookies, and we had some magic cookies as well. There's no need to tell how yummy it was :)

The most unexpected thing about party was that Tim and I bought really similar presents! Dark-blue wool headwear. Sweet flower beret for me and great vintage inspired cap for Tim. Lucky we :) Sure that wasn't all the presents, but definitely our faves.

Posing wearing presents on 1. January (it was really sunny day, btw!)

This was surprise breakfast Tim made for me! Stack of pancakes with red caviar. What can I say? Om-nom-nom! 

Finally I received one of the most wanted birthday presents - blender! Now I just can't stop experimenting with fruits and soups and sauces. Thanks long winter holidays, I have enough time to do it. Today's special - freshly made smoozy! Apple, banana, cherries, blackberries, currant and few sorrel leaves. 
Strongly recommended :) 

Hope you are having great holiday time, dear ladies. Wish you all the best in 2013!