вівторок, 17 липня 2012 р.

Sweet sailor kiss

Everybody knows this famous photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, taken on a Victory day. I really like it and always dreamed about creating the same shoot. And finally we did it :) There is a kiss contest, so me and my boyfriend decided to participate and make similar kiss photo. Taken by uknown passerby on a very hot july day in Kyiv.

пʼятниця, 13 липня 2012 р.

Another great find!

This marvellous vintage blue bath-suit is mine! I've bought it at our big second-hand flea market and happy to have it :) Looks pretty nice, isn't it? The condition is also good. It's hard to say if someone ever wore it or no. It fits my body shape perfectly, so hope to show you some lovely photos of me wearing this superfeminine swimming suit.

 I also wonder if I need to add some additional decoration. Maybe red or white buttons or a bow.

Like here

 What do you think?

четвер, 12 липня 2012 р.

International chocolate day

As we were celebrating an international chocolate day, we decided to eat more than usually. My friends Zhenya and Anya Funt came to my place to chat and gossip, as we often do :) So it was perfect evening, full of blah-blah and chocolate - what girl needs!

вівторок, 10 липня 2012 р.

Earrings holder tutorial

Probably every girl has a big collection of diffent jewelry and dreams about even bigger. Earrings are my biggest passion ever! Although I have it so much, I'm still looking for smth lovely and precious. When my collection became pretty big I understood I need to find a place to keep it all together. The solution was really simple.What I like the best - you can see at first sight what you need today for your outfit. It's also good to have your earring organized by color or size or shape. In the box earrings can get caught, and this holder resolves such problem.

Earrings holder tutorial

You will need:
- an old shoe box (top)
- an old cotton or any loose material x1.5-2 bigger than box top
- stapler or thread and needle

1. Take the top, make sure it's big enough for your collection :)
2. Cover it with material in equal proportion
3. Pull the fabric. It should be properly tensioned. 
4. Fix the edges with stapler of with needle and thread.

 I hope you will find this small tutorial useful. Good luck, ladies!

понеділок, 9 липня 2012 р.

Animals I love

I love cats and I love dogs. For that mainly, you can сarress and squeeze them! 
This great photo of me and lovely doggy was taken last spring during my dance vacation in Vilnius. I was amazed to find animals almost everywhere, at every window case.
And this is my friend's cat, she is very young, in the middle of kitten and cat

 She has an incredible amount of energy, but when she is exhausted, she becomes so affectionate!

пʼятниця, 6 липня 2012 р.

summer Hawaii dress

Tuesday in Kyiv was an extremely hot day, the temperature was above 30 C. I was looking for outfit suitable for such weather in my closet and I realized I have too much dark color dresses. Black, different green, red, pink. But finally I found what I want. This item was perfect: light, short and made from cotton. So that's was my choice. I bought his white-green Hawaii summer dress in second-hand last winter. Now is the right time to wear it! Summer is calling.

dress - uknown brand
shoes - Peacocks
sunglasses - Ray-Ban
tiki belt - another uknown brand :)