вівторок, 25 грудня 2012 р.

Christmas table clothes

One of the most important things to create great Christmas atmosphere is festive table setting. Here, in Ukraine, we celebrate first New Year's Eve and than - Christmas (on January, 7). So my holidays are ahead! I was looking for inspiring pictures and that's what I found.

Absolutely amazing table cloth from Butlers - unfortunately unavailable in Ukraine. Just look at this beauty!

Lovely winter vintage tablecloth found on etsy.

Classy red & white table cloth with tiny snowflakes. Love it! Source

Another lovely piece with Christmas trees. Etsy again.

Neat & vintage inspired table cloth from here

Another item is red & white again and look really festive!

It's also great to use small lovely details for decoration :) Glass or plastic tree decorations, candies, candles, ribbons, cones - whatever you can use!

Have a great Christmas holidays!

понеділок, 24 грудня 2012 р.

Merry Christmas!

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of my friends and followers! Wish you to be happy today and everyday, feel the magic in daily life and be as gorgeous as it possible!

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite Christmas song by Squirrel Nut Zippers (I have a dream to visit their concert! Someday, hope so, it will happen). This song was written after famous O'Henry novel Gift of the Magi. It is full of love and care. Enjoy.

середа, 12 грудня 2012 р.

Handmade house decoration

Hello everybody! Today I've decided to decorate my house a little bit inspired by this picture
What you need is:
1. Picture of silhouette you like 
2. Paper
3. Scissors 
4. Wooden sticks (optionally)

I've took my picture from google, saved, increased it in Paint, leaned my paper and lined with the pencil through display.
Than neatly cut my paper, and put my sweet birds into wooden sticks (carefully incised them - 0,5 cm).
And fixed above the door! You can use this idea to do various home decoration - Christmas is coming, you know :) Christmas trees, Santas, deers, birds, fruits - whatever you like. Good luck! I will be happy to see your result :)

четвер, 6 грудня 2012 р.

How to stay pretty baby when its really cold outside - part 2 - headwear

Vintage/vintage inspired headwear

Hello lovely ladies, let's continue. My previous entry was about vintage winter shoes, and today's entry is about headwear. We know how important it is to keep our ears and head warm in frosty snowy winter. Hats, winter ear muffs, berets, headbands, headscarfes, scoodies or hoods help us to do that. Let's talk about each category. I will pay attention to vintage look stuff.  

Probably, it's the most popular kind of headwear. Different patterns, material, sizes and shape. Nowadays there's no problem to find what you want :) 

I bet this is unbelievably warm!

Ear muffs. 
Great thing to keep your hairdo safe and sound, but could be inappropriate in frosty and windy weather. Let's have a look at these great vintage ear muffs:
Amazing example

and these from here

Another great accessory which would give you feminine look with French accent :)

So sweet!

And here even warmer look with muff

I like this pattern very much

Some years ago my mum had really similar to this beret from 70's 

Headbands or turbans
Seems like it always will be popular. Simple, nice, good-looking. But as well as ear muffs doesn't protect your hair and head in snow storm. 

another etsy item

There is always an option to wrap your scarf around your face. Simple and super easy! 

And finally that's my number one choice! If you have especially beautiful hairstyle, which could be easily damaged by hat, or the winter is bitty, frosty and snowy, use scoodie. It will protect your ears and whole head, will keep your hair safe and add lovely look. You can choose wool or synthetic material, monochrome of with patterns, with or without fur. If you are that lucky person who can knit, you can do it by yourself of find someone who will do it for you :)

from here

And the modern version. My favorite, with fur :)

What do you like the best? What prefer for yourself? Whatever you chose, remember your health is the most important thing ever. Be prepared for cold weather and keep your lovely ears safe and warm.

неділя, 2 грудня 2012 р.

How to stay pretty baby when its really cold outside - part 1

Part 1. Vintage winter shoes

One of the most important moments about winter is proper shoes! They should be warm, quality, made from natural materials. Great if it's leather shoes with pure wool or fur.  It will keep your feet warm and comfortable. Don't forget about wool socks! It's always up to date. 

Probably every girl who tries to adhere vintage style in her clothing, comes to such a problem as winter shoes. Well, I mean good-looking winter shoes, which will not be in disharmony with your stylish outfit and general look. It is a real problem to find proper piece if winter in your country is bitty and frosty. Some time ago I started to learn what ladies wore back in 1930-1950's times. Unfortunately, not many pictures can be found. Anyway there's something I found.

various snow boots

Lovely winter boots from this etsy shop

probably my favorite piece from here

these look really similar - right? go here

And what about this item? source

lovely pair for a snowy weather (not sold yet!)

Great pair of Sweedish  hasbeens, vintage inspired shoes

And nice Betsy boots

Well, and now its time to show you my treasures.
This lovely pair I bought before second Kyiv Tweed run. I was looking for some special shoes and found them! Real brown suede with pure wool inside. I have no idea where they come from and what year it could be, but I love them very much. Even though they are little bit small for me.

And here is my second pair, vintage inspired winter shoes. I ordered them in small private shoe company,  design is mine. Leather shoes with loads of wool inside :)

Now I have complete set of footwear and accessories

Also I found great winter vintage shoes reviews here:

Keep your feet warm and good-looking. And stay tuned to my new winter fashion dedicated blog entry!

Here is part two: winter headwear