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How to stay pretty baby when its really cold outside - part 2 - headwear

Vintage/vintage inspired headwear

Hello lovely ladies, let's continue. My previous entry was about vintage winter shoes, and today's entry is about headwear. We know how important it is to keep our ears and head warm in frosty snowy winter. Hats, winter ear muffs, berets, headbands, headscarfes, scoodies or hoods help us to do that. Let's talk about each category. I will pay attention to vintage look stuff.  

Probably, it's the most popular kind of headwear. Different patterns, material, sizes and shape. Nowadays there's no problem to find what you want :) 

I bet this is unbelievably warm!

Ear muffs. 
Great thing to keep your hairdo safe and sound, but could be inappropriate in frosty and windy weather. Let's have a look at these great vintage ear muffs:
Amazing example

and these from here

Another great accessory which would give you feminine look with French accent :)

So sweet!

And here even warmer look with muff

I like this pattern very much

Some years ago my mum had really similar to this beret from 70's 

Headbands or turbans
Seems like it always will be popular. Simple, nice, good-looking. But as well as ear muffs doesn't protect your hair and head in snow storm. 

another etsy item

There is always an option to wrap your scarf around your face. Simple and super easy! 

And finally that's my number one choice! If you have especially beautiful hairstyle, which could be easily damaged by hat, or the winter is bitty, frosty and snowy, use scoodie. It will protect your ears and whole head, will keep your hair safe and add lovely look. You can choose wool or synthetic material, monochrome of with patterns, with or without fur. If you are that lucky person who can knit, you can do it by yourself of find someone who will do it for you :)

from here

And the modern version. My favorite, with fur :)

What do you like the best? What prefer for yourself? Whatever you chose, remember your health is the most important thing ever. Be prepared for cold weather and keep your lovely ears safe and warm.

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  1. What an awesome roundup of vintage winter accessories. It must have taken you a while to roundup all of these fashionable beauties for sure. Ohhh, how I love them all! The leaf earmuffs and knit turban + matching muff set are particular favourites.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you so much :))) Yes, it took me few hours to make this big post. I'm glad you liked it! Hope it will be useful for somebody :)

  2. This headwear is so cute! I'd wear any of them in an instant. Very feminine and attractive. You have a lovely blog.