понеділок, 25 лютого 2013 р.

Rockabilly from Ukraine

Hello ladies! Sorry for my absence - now I'm here again! Want to share with you wonderful video of my friends: great Ukrainian rockabilly band Ruki'v Bryuki. Wonderful black & white picture, five handsome men and music! Enjoy! ;)


неділя, 17 лютого 2013 р.

Saturday night party

Getting ready for lindy hop party! Couple of victory rolls, favorite mint earrings, matching belt. And my new thrifted vintage wool trousers. These trousers fits me perfectly and I can not imagine somewhere in the world lives (lived?) lady with exactly the same figure as mine. These pants are big luck!

The party was great, by the way. I regret only I can't dance more often now. Lindy hop gives me loads of positive energy and willing to live and to do more. It is still a big passion of my life, I really enjoy dancing into swing music with all that musicality stuff :) I believe lindy hop is an eternal dance. Happiness, smiling partners, great jazz roots music, endless space for creativity and joy. Finally, thanks swing America survived The Great Depression!

вівторок, 12 лютого 2013 р.

My Italian holidays

In the middle of my busy February I'm thinking about warm days again! And of course Italy is on my mind. Venice was the city I fell in love with immediately. Narrow streets, water, gondolas, fantastic sun and air.
Wish I could be there right now!

trying to catch pin-up pose with a hat borrowed from gondolier Marco

Gondolier itself and the part of Venice

Marco teaches me to drive gondola - it's so complicated! You need to be really strong.

Looking at these warm photos helps me to stand awful weather outside. Can't wait till spring! 

субота, 2 лютого 2013 р.

Zip Gun Bop - the best rockabilly video

Tonight I want to write just few words about my favorite rockabilly and vintage inspired video.
The name of this song is Zip Gun Bop, made by Royal Crown Revue. It was one of the first rockabilly videos I've seen and still remains my favorite.
I'm in love with music, this absolutely stunning swing brass sounding! And the clip is wonderful itself: style, atmosphere and the characters. It seems I'll never be bored by this great stuff.

 pretty guy - isn't he?