неділя, 28 жовтня 2012 р.

Last warm days

Fall! Fall! Fall!

Last warm and sunny days. On this photo I'm flying as ballerina dancer :) 100 km from Kyiv, in a small city called Yahotyn, where is located great milk factory. Yummy-yummy :)
Tomorrow is my birthday, so I'm preparing to look and feel gorgeous :)

вівторок, 23 жовтня 2012 р.

Second Tweed run in Kyiv

The very first Tweed run in Kyiv took part in April 2012. Аbout 150 properly dressed up participants were cruising on Kyiv streets. You can see how it was here.
On 20th October we had second Tweed run in Kiev. Even more people (about 300) took part in this autumn retro cruise, which was organized by Pride Kustoms, as a first time.
I tried my best to prepare really fancy and classy look. And my boyfriend either.
So... enjoy!
photo - Stella Melnychenko

Collar is my pride! It took me few days to make it from a real fox fur Tim brought to me.

It was challenge. But I passed it successfully ;) And my hat is also handmade. I took an old men's hat and made a lovely small one for me. That's how it was:

Goodlooking - right? :)

And this is line to registration. 

That's it!

Краткий обзор с осеннего твид рана (ретро-круиза) в Киеве. 
Вот таким был Ретро-круиз для меня. Как по мне, этот твид ран получился ещё круче, чем весенний!  Весенний отчёт можно посмотреть здесь.

вівторок, 16 жовтня 2012 р.

Vintage swimsuit - victory!

In the very beginning of September I took part in ladies bicycle competition. 30 ladies in swimming suits were trying their best to get the valuable prices (3 charming custom bicycles).

Well, I was not lucky enough to show the best result. This event was not about sport for me. I won the best swimming suit competition!

This is a great vintage swimming/bathing suit I bought this summer. I've added two red buttons and few bows - and it looks even more authentic than before! And the prize is Milavitsa gift certificate - one of the best underwear company. I'm gonna make myself a birthday present and buy something extra beautiful.
Happy! :) I LOVE victory moments, they give me so much inspiration!
My friend Zhenya and a lovely swallow card she made

Hi there! Fall is all around

Hello everybody,

It's been a long time since I appeared here last time. Now I'm happy to be online again! I have a lot of news, ideas, photos and stuff to share.

First of all - it's fall! And we started our September in forrest hunting for mushrooms.

And finally we had almost full basket!