вівторок, 23 жовтня 2012 р.

Second Tweed run in Kyiv

The very first Tweed run in Kyiv took part in April 2012. Аbout 150 properly dressed up participants were cruising on Kyiv streets. You can see how it was here.
On 20th October we had second Tweed run in Kiev. Even more people (about 300) took part in this autumn retro cruise, which was organized by Pride Kustoms, as a first time.
I tried my best to prepare really fancy and classy look. And my boyfriend either.
So... enjoy!
photo - Stella Melnychenko

Collar is my pride! It took me few days to make it from a real fox fur Tim brought to me.

It was challenge. But I passed it successfully ;) And my hat is also handmade. I took an old men's hat and made a lovely small one for me. That's how it was:

Goodlooking - right? :)

And this is line to registration. 

That's it!

Краткий обзор с осеннего твид рана (ретро-круиза) в Киеве. 
Вот таким был Ретро-круиз для меня. Как по мне, этот твид ран получился ещё круче, чем весенний!  Весенний отчёт можно посмотреть здесь.

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  1. Marvelous outfits!
    Brave lady, I´m afraid to cut through real fur with my scissors :-)

    1. Oh yes, I coudn't dare first, but then I decided I'll never learn if I won't try :)

      Thank you, Susan!

  2. I have such a crush on Tweed Runs the world over. I wonder if they'll ever hop the pond and start appearing here in Canada. What a dream it would be to attend one!

    I adore your outfit (and hair), it was truly the perfect look for a day such as this.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, dear Jessica :) You're my favorite comment person ;))

      Yes, I really in love with this Tweed tradition. It helps to pay attention to classy elegant clothes. Retro atmosphere becomes popular more and more nowadays.

      And I think I've met some information about Tweed run in Toronto. You may search web :)

  3. awesome outfit. i really love the DIY-hat. great idea!


    1. Thank you, dear :) I have an idea to make a big hat tutorial for a another hat. So someday ;)

  4. Thanks for posting a link to your blog in your comment on my blog, Nika. Your photos are GORGEOUS! Love everything about both your outfits!

  5. Thank you, Tasha :) I respect your opinion very much.

  6. YOU LOOK AMAZING I COULD CRY! Love the tweed run - we don't have such thing in Sydney (not that I know of) but once they bring it down under I will be first in line! I love your classic look, and well done with the fur and the hat. I love that a lot of vintage lovers often make their own stuff or make do with things that they have! Fabulous!

    Nora Finds

  7. WOW!!!! You look absolutely fabulous. Hair, outfit, the lot!
    I thought the tweed run was just something we had over here in the UK. Great to see they do it in other major cities too : )

    1. Thank you, Emma, it's really pleasant to hear that :)
      Well, Tweed run is original London event. Nowadays everybody loves the idea, so local communities organize smth same with different names: Tweed ride, Tweed cruise, Ride in tweed, retro ride etc. So actually idea is the same :)

  8. You two look stunning! I love that you made parts of your outfit, they look wonderful! What a great event this looks like, I wish there was something like it near me!