вівторок, 16 жовтня 2012 р.

Vintage swimsuit - victory!

In the very beginning of September I took part in ladies bicycle competition. 30 ladies in swimming suits were trying their best to get the valuable prices (3 charming custom bicycles).

Well, I was not lucky enough to show the best result. This event was not about sport for me. I won the best swimming suit competition!

This is a great vintage swimming/bathing suit I bought this summer. I've added two red buttons and few bows - and it looks even more authentic than before! And the prize is Milavitsa gift certificate - one of the best underwear company. I'm gonna make myself a birthday present and buy something extra beautiful.
Happy! :) I LOVE victory moments, they give me so much inspiration!
My friend Zhenya and a lovely swallow card she made

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