неділя, 17 лютого 2013 р.

Saturday night party

Getting ready for lindy hop party! Couple of victory rolls, favorite mint earrings, matching belt. And my new thrifted vintage wool trousers. These trousers fits me perfectly and I can not imagine somewhere in the world lives (lived?) lady with exactly the same figure as mine. These pants are big luck!

The party was great, by the way. I regret only I can't dance more often now. Lindy hop gives me loads of positive energy and willing to live and to do more. It is still a big passion of my life, I really enjoy dancing into swing music with all that musicality stuff :) I believe lindy hop is an eternal dance. Happiness, smiling partners, great jazz roots music, endless space for creativity and joy. Finally, thanks swing America survived The Great Depression!

9 коментарів:

  1. I wish I could dance lindy hop, it looks so awesome :) Your trousers are pretty damn great!

    1. Thank you very much, Sara :))
      I know there is pretty big swing dance community in Finland. I've met few Finnish lindy hoppers. You should check the nearest school to the place you live. Good luck ;)

  2. Fantastic outfit! I love drop/dangle earrings and own several pairs, but often hesitate when it comes to mixing them in with vintage outfits. This look really shows how well they can compliment old school looking pieces though. Thanks for the inspiration, hon!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Aw! Cute outfit!

    PS. Lovely shoes, miss
    ♥ Helena Drive

  4. Beautiful outfit, and those earrings are lovely on you! Ciao from Italia

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  6. I don't wear trousers very often but I would love a pair like yours