вівторок, 25 грудня 2012 р.

Christmas table clothes

One of the most important things to create great Christmas atmosphere is festive table setting. Here, in Ukraine, we celebrate first New Year's Eve and than - Christmas (on January, 7). So my holidays are ahead! I was looking for inspiring pictures and that's what I found.

Absolutely amazing table cloth from Butlers - unfortunately unavailable in Ukraine. Just look at this beauty!

Lovely winter vintage tablecloth found on etsy.

Classy red & white table cloth with tiny snowflakes. Love it! Source

Another lovely piece with Christmas trees. Etsy again.

Neat & vintage inspired table cloth from here

Another item is red & white again and look really festive!

It's also great to use small lovely details for decoration :) Glass or plastic tree decorations, candies, candles, ribbons, cones - whatever you can use!

Have a great Christmas holidays!

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  1. I love that you celebrate the Christmas holidays into January in the Ukraine. Tony (my husband) grew up in Italy and they continue to celebrate up until Epiphany there, too, and as such I often leave our decorations up for the first week of January.

    These are really, really wonderful tablecloths and place settings. I adore them all, but think that the second tablecloth (with the animals) is my very favourite.

    Wishing you a joyous holiday celebration, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica