понеділок, 7 січня 2013 р.

Happy new 2013 year!

Hooray! Welcome to 2013 everyone! This time we decided to break the rules and spend a very special New Year's eve. Our New Year party was calm and cozy: two of us and tasty food and lovely Christmas music. Two days in advance I've thrifted this lovely Christmas table cloth! There is no information where it comes from, but I guess it could be one of Scandinavian countries (look at that shoes!) My friend Tanya brought me ginger man cookies, and we had some magic cookies as well. There's no need to tell how yummy it was :)

The most unexpected thing about party was that Tim and I bought really similar presents! Dark-blue wool headwear. Sweet flower beret for me and great vintage inspired cap for Tim. Lucky we :) Sure that wasn't all the presents, but definitely our faves.

Posing wearing presents on 1. January (it was really sunny day, btw!)

This was surprise breakfast Tim made for me! Stack of pancakes with red caviar. What can I say? Om-nom-nom! 

Finally I received one of the most wanted birthday presents - blender! Now I just can't stop experimenting with fruits and soups and sauces. Thanks long winter holidays, I have enough time to do it. Today's special - freshly made smoozy! Apple, banana, cherries, blackberries, currant and few sorrel leaves. 
Strongly recommended :) 

Hope you are having great holiday time, dear ladies. Wish you all the best in 2013!

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  1. Those smoothies look delicious. I also need a new blender as my boyfriend has broken mine.

    It looks like you had a great holiday!


  2. I just ate, but your scrumptious smoothies suddenly have my tummy growling again. Oh that recipe sounds sublime! One of my all-time favourite smoothie combos is raspberries, peaches, and cantaloupe melon with a little vanilla or plain Greek yogurt.

    ♥ Jessica