неділя, 20 січня 2013 р.

Retro November

I'm so happy it's Sunday today! I have enough time to do what I like & want: clothes decoration, bloggin', listening to relaxing music and some housework, which I also love doing. Few years ago I've noticed interesting thing. If you're feeling unhappy, mixed-up, embarrassed, depressive, the best way to get rid of this is house cleaning. Monotonous sweeping and moping put your thoughts in order. Believe me, it works! Tidying up your place, you will kill two birds with one stone: clean house and clear mind. Isn't it great? Try it.

Today I want to share with you beautiful November 2010 retro film set, taken by talented Andriy Yermak.

I'm wearing:
- vintage wool skirt, bought in Herrang, Sweden
- lovely cardigan with white laces, Primark, UK
- black belt with golden leaves, Primark, UK
- old shoes, bought in Prague, Czech Republic


The last one is my favorite. Which one do you love the most? Please let me know in comments.
And have a great weekend, everyone! :-)

3 коментарі:

  1. You look so, so breath-takingly gorgeous! I love the way the wind is tossing your hair about in some of these eye-catching images, it really adds to their overall mood of beauty and romance.

    ♥ Jessica