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How to stay pretty baby when its really cold outside - tights stockings socks

Hello ladies, it's time to continue my winter outfit posts. Hope my previous posts about winter vintage shoes and vintage head wear were interesting and useful for you. Actually, all what I'm writing about is not a secret, I'm just trying to put it all together in one place. Things to try and remember. Tips and secrets that will help you to look gorgeous even when it's freaking cold outside. Today we will talk about tight, stockings and socks. This stuff is not really could be vintage itself, but it can be great complement to your other vintage look garments. Let's start!

You know it is very important to keep your legs warm, especially in cold seasons and frosty windy days. Tights are indispensable part of winter wardrobe. When you chose warm pair of  tights, make sure it's made from natural materials. Since it is natural, it will provide normal air circulation. Layer of air between skin and tights/pants/trousers retains the natural heat of your body. That's why it's better to avoid wearing too tight jeans or leggings during cold winter days.

Nowadays there is a large range tights and you could find them in different colors, patterns and material. I pay very big attention to fabric and prefer to buy tights with wool and cotton. I know it works even in very frosty days.

I've made my selection of good looking warm winter tights.

Lace tights

wonderful black wool lace tights

white lace tights

neat and lovely pattern

Sweater tights 

with various patterns: deer, snowflakes, Scandinavian tracery

Wool stockings
white wool stockings

fabulous red&white knitted stockings

great grey knitted stockings

beautiful stockings Topshop unique

and these lovely deer stockings


And don't forget about socks! Colorful, stripped, with snowmen and polka dots - whatever you like. Just make sure they are good enough to keep your precious legs warm. Stay beautiful!

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  1. These are all so, so wonderfully cute! I really love the one with the deer. We have tons and tons of deer around our town (it's actually a problem because they cause a lot of traffic accidents and the city doesn't seem to know how to handle the deer problem). I saw one on a small snow covered hill yesterday that was so big I almost thought it was a baby moose for a second (it wasn't though).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Wow! It's hard to imagine such a problem in Kyiv. It is really cool to be so close to wild nature.

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