неділя, 2 грудня 2012 р.

Winter vintage look

Winter time!

It's first winter day! Congrats, everybody!
Tomorrow I'll start series of blog entries about winter clothes and accessories. When it gets really cold outside, we give more attention to warmness rather than beauty. Especially here, in Ukraine, where previous February temperature was about -20. Brrr! It was a challenge for us to stay alive and look good :)
I asked myself if its possible to adhere dress up vintage style in winter time. And here is the answer: yes!
In some cases its more complicated, but still it's possible.

Today we had lovely Saturday night party. Four bands played surf, country and rockabilly! Wise Guys, who played the last, just recorded their new album "Rock this flour". I enjoyed that music show and wild dances. Now I'm happy, tired and ready to go to sleep :)
That's how I looked tonight.

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  1. Відповіді
    1. Thank you, Joanna! Right, that magic thing turns any top into festive one :) And sometimes I use it as hairclip.

  2. Absolutely, I know just what you mean about warmth trumping style in some winter situations. We run into the same thing here, especially during the (generally) especially chilly months of January and February. I think that you'd look gorgeous (and stylish) no matter what you wore, dear gal, fear not! :)

    ♥ Jessica