четвер, 29 листопада 2012 р.


Few weeks ago I got an offer to take part in filming. I've never tried that!  Famous Ukrainian director Les' Sanin makes his new movie about city Kharkiv in late 20's - early 30's. I was invited for a role of dancing actress, as well as few more ladies from our swing dance community. It took two days and countless amount of takes to film about 30 different scenes of evening party in restaurant. To tell the truth, I never knew it is so hard to get together 80 people properly dressed, make up'ed and hairstyled  and manage their moves and acts. But now I know :) The process was very fascinating, even in the late evening, when everybody was exhausted. Tired, but excited! I really enjoyed these two days being an actress. Not sure I will find my face in final film, but anyway it was great. I loved the whole atmosphere, all those magic manipulations made by make up artists and costume designers. Everybody was looking posh and elegant, even actors who were playing Soviet party official :)  So let's have a look at us, stylized as late 20's ladies and gentlemen (gentleman? :-) )!

Having fun between scenes

Gentleman who knows how to treat three ladies at one time :)

That's it! More photos coming in few days - stay tuned :)

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  1. You look divine. The MUAH for this movie is fantastic as is the costume designer!

  2. That is so, so stupendously exciting! I can just imagine what a brilliantly awesome experience that must have been. People frequently ask me if I'm actress due to how I dress (in vintage), but aside from a few local plays in my teens years, I've never done any acting or appeared in a film. It would be such a thrilling experience to do so one day.

    You look breath-taking in these snaps, honey. Again, happiest congrats!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you, Jessica. For me it was also exciting experience. First, but hope not he last one :)