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Earrings holder tutorial

Probably every girl has a big collection of diffent jewelry and dreams about even bigger. Earrings are my biggest passion ever! Although I have it so much, I'm still looking for smth lovely and precious. When my collection became pretty big I understood I need to find a place to keep it all together. The solution was really simple.What I like the best - you can see at first sight what you need today for your outfit. It's also good to have your earring organized by color or size or shape. In the box earrings can get caught, and this holder resolves such problem.

Earrings holder tutorial

You will need:
- an old shoe box (top)
- an old cotton or any loose material x1.5-2 bigger than box top
- stapler or thread and needle

1. Take the top, make sure it's big enough for your collection :)
2. Cover it with material in equal proportion
3. Pull the fabric. It should be properly tensioned. 
4. Fix the edges with stapler of with needle and thread.

 I hope you will find this small tutorial useful. Good luck, ladies!

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  1. oh what a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing it with us, hope your well and gettins better summer than us, raining here in Dublin all the time, kisses xxx leonie

  2. Terrific tutorial, thank you for sharing! You have a really pretty earring collection, I especially like the cute teddy bears and fabulous cherries.

    ♥ Jessica